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Latvian Animation Association represents animation studios, producers, artists and critics from Latvia.

Our main activities are promotion and representation of animated film made in Latvia or by Latvian directors.

The Head of the Board is Anna Zača.

In 2016, a group of nine Latvian animation professionals, including Sabīne Andersone, Edmunds Jansons, Vladimirs Leščovs, Nils Skapāns, Anna Zača, Jurģis Krāsons, Kārlis Vītols, Egīls Mednis and Roberts Vinovskis, decided that it is time to take matters in their own hands and made a large collective step into the international arena by forming the Latvian Animation Association (LAA). The LAA became the basis for the representation of the industry’s own prioritized necessities.

Since then the LAA has grown to gather 30 members and has become more of an animation “institute” rather than a representation organization. We praise the diversity of the rich Latvian animation bouquet and are working to encourage it even more. Our everyday work is, in cooperation with the state institutions, dealing with deputizing Latvian studios and animation authors for financial resource, co-producing and film accessibility development.

Our  long-term strategy is set in three directions: first is to initiate young talent development through education and mentorship; second is facilitating co-productions by raising international visibility and presence of the Latvian professionals and studios;  third direction is to engage and educate the audiences by bringing the best of world’s animation to their availability.

LAA has also become a one-stop-agency for animation professionals and others interested internationally. The LAA sets out to Latvian animation film screenings abroad at least once year and is always interested in hosting international screenings in Latvia. We manage and organize a number of activities including courses, workshops and screenings during film festivals, and take care of networking and communication matters when needed.

Do you want to become a member of Latvian Animation Association?

Any animation professional, coming from or based in Latvia, whose name has been mentioned in credits of at least one Latvian animated film can join the Latvian Animation Association by sending a short cover letter to:

Latvian Animation Association

Tērbates street 49/51-12, LV 1011, Riga, Latvia

00371 25926065

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