Atom Art is an award-winning 2D animation studio established in 2001. They are known for their auteur short films and animated films for children. The studio works in a variety of animation genres: magical realism, animated documentary, musical, absurd, children’s film and others. The studio mainly works in the computer cut-out animation technique, but films are also made by traditional drawing, drawing on glass, sand animation, animation with charcoal and even puppet animation.


Most-significant films:


Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs /Jēkabs, Mimmī un runājošie suņi

Edmunds Jansons, Cut-Out, 2D Computer Animation 70 min, 2019, universal audiences, with dialogues.

Adventure story about two kids who spend summer in city suburb, where together with talking dogs they rescue the romantic wooden-house neighborhood from reconstruction.


Riga’s Lilac / Rīgas Ceriņi

Lizete Upīte, 2D computer animation, 14 min, 2019, universal, France / Latvia, adults, dialogue

Riga’s Lilac is a tragicomic story about the social impact of a bad smell. In the style of a documentary film, the story is based on real interviews with people who reveal how overwhelmed they can be by the strong smell of another person.

(with Papy 3D, France)


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infinityBOX is established in 2012. They base their creative work on various combinations of art, technology and technique and also invite other artists and animators when the pace of work becomes more intense. The studio has tried out all possible animation techniques, gradually developing and defining its own specific style: a combination of classic animation, plasticine animation and chiaroscuro on various textured backgrounds. 


Most-significant films:


Ievads epilogam / Introduction to an Epilogue

Plasticine, tracing paper, 9 min, 2018, adults, no dialogues

An allegorical animated film about the fear of death, which, it turns out, is in fact a narcissistic emotion. The film reflects man’s transformation at truly difficult life moments and his ability to accept the inevitable and understand that life is always just one life long.


Awesome Beetle’s Colors

Plasticine, acrylic, pastels, 3 min, 2016, children’s film, dialogues

A colourful, surreal animated film that presents the English alphabet three times. The film received the Cristal Award at Annecy and has been screened at more than one hundred festivals on five continents.

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Studio Krasivo Limited was founded in 2006. Krasivo was inspired by the names of movie director Jurgis KRASons and scriptwriter IVO Briedis. Limited means limited beauty, because, as we know, unlimited can be just an ideal. Making of animation films, design of art exhibitions, service of costume department for feature films are the main activities of the studio. The studio is working on a combination of 2D and 3D computer animation and they have various of explored themes.


Most-significant films:


Kā es atmetu smēķēšanu / How I Gave Up Smoking

3D computer animation, 11 min, 2016, a film for adults, no dialogues

The habit of smoking will truly be broken by the end of this film. At the beginning of the film, however, a Scandinavian woman almost dies because the main character lights a cigarette at an airport.


Norīt krupi / To Swallow a Toad

Together with Rija Films, classic animation, 9 min, 2010, adults, no dialogues

Once upon a time, the rotund intellectuals lived in a small town. They were smart, good-natured, prescient and successful. And this success was based on their ability to...swallow a toad. In other words, to swallow their pride, or overcome offence. The square, practical workers also lived in this same town. They were pragmatic realists who rewarded good with good and evil with evil and did not swallow any toads. A peaceful coexistence. But one day one of the squares inadvertently found out that the rotunds swallowed toads.



LUNOHOD animation studio was founded in 2007 and located in Riga, Latvia. Studio is led by Vladimir Leschov. In 1970 Soviet space robot-moonwalker Lunokhod-1 accomplished it's amazing journey on the surface of the Moon. In the same year Vladimir was making his first steps discovering the planet Earth. Lunohod specializes in author animated short films production, they do not have a specific favourite genres and they tend to discover variety of techniques.


Most-significant films:


Electrician’s Day / Elektriķa diena

Classical animation, 8 min, 2018, adults, no dialogue

An accident happens during repairs at a psychiatric hospital. As a result, an electrician loses consciousness and finds himself on the other side of the wall.


Villa Antropoff

Vladimirs Leščovs and Kaspars Jancis, classical animation, 13 min, 2012, adults, no dialogue

An ironic story about dreams and losing dreams. Inspired by a real event, when both directors found themselves at a strange wedding celebration in the villa of former USSR leader Yuri Andropov near Pärnu in Estonia.


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Film studio Locomotive Productions produces fiction, creative documentaries and animation. Founded in 1999, in recent years it has become one of fastest growing, most creative and productive film studios in the Baltic Countries. The director of Locomotive Productions is producer Roberts Vinovskis, who has been active in the film industry since the early 1990s. Locomotive works in various techniques and genres.


Most-significant films:


Akmeņi manās kabatās / Rocks in My Pockets

Signe Baumane, stopmotion, drawn and papier mâché animation, 88 min, 2014, Latvia / United States, adults, dialogue in English and Latvian

A story based on real people and events. The director tells about five women in her family, including herself, and their battles with life’s challenges, depression and mental illness. In this bleak yet funny film, the twists and turns of Latvian history are interlaced with personal experiences and stories about family secrets, love and marriage.


Saule brauca debesīs / Before the Day Breaks

Roze Stiebra, drawn animation, 75 min, 2018, Latvia, universal audiences, dialogue.

The Sun and Moon have a baby, and mummers arrive to welcome the Daughter of the Sun. Amid the joyous crowds, no one notices that the Daughter has disappeared, and everyone is suddenly stunned to see an empty cradle. However strong the Sun and Moon are, they cannot find their Daughter nor bring her back home. It turns out they need a human being!